4 Myths about assisted living facilities debunked

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Myths about assisted living debunked

When you think of assisted living, what do you picture?  Many people still envision the old nursing home facilities from decades ago. They think of a place lacking in skilled practitioners or warmth.  Because of the existing stigma, many families are hesitant to sign their loved ones into assisted living. 


There are a lot of misconceptions about skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. The truth is these facilities have changed a lot over the years, and we’d like to clear up some of the myths surrounding senior care. 


Myth 1: Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the same thing


A nursing home is a facility that provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. They often have rooms set up similar to what you might see in a hospital or clinical setting. In skilled nursing facilities, experienced nurses provide many types of care from wound dressings to tube feedings, and they are qualified to assist with rapidly changing health. Skilled nursing care is considered “short-term” and is provided to people who need rehabilitation but will not need long-term care.


Assisted living facilities provide assistance with performing daily tasks that may be difficult or dangerous for some people to do on their own, such as getting dressed and bathing. Other services available at an assisted living facility include meals, medication monitoring, housekeeping, and recreational activities.


Myth 2: Assisted living is only for seniors who are sick or disabled


While assisted living facilities may maintain a staff of licensed nurses, they are not places where disabled or ill people will seek recovery. An assisted living facility is just like living in an apartment, except they have the added benefit of “call for assistance” systems and on-call physicians. If someone is in need of clinical assistance because of an illness or physical injury, skilled nursing facilities (health and rehab centers) are better equipped to suit their needs. 


If you are unsure of the type of care you or your loved one requires, we are here to help.


Myth 3: Seniors who live in assisted living communities lose their independence 


Seniors who live in assisted living communities are encouraged to be independent as they are able. We provide residents with the assistance they need, but they live on their own schedule in their own way. Our residents continue to live vibrant, fulfilling lives.


Assisted living should feel as much like home as possible, so residents are encouraged to personalize their space with the decor of their encourage residents to bring pictures and other small items to personalize their surroundings. Large furniture is not necessary, as rooms are fully-furnished.  


We want our residents to experience as much independence as possible. Although many people believe seniors who live in assisted living are no longer allowed to drive cars, this simply is not the case. As long as a person is able to drive without putting themselves or others at risk, they are permitted to do so. 


Myth 4: Seniors who live in assisted living communities are taken advantage of by the staff


The staff who provide services and care for WoodlandHaus residents are all caregivers who genuinely want the best for the residents. They work hard to provide professional and compassionate care for each individual. Our family is always there to serve your loved one’s personal and health care needs. 


At Woodland Haus Assisted Living, you will find an environment of care and a dedicated staff that works to assist each resident so that they can maintain their independence. We offer a place where senior adults can enjoy the comfort and security of knowing immediate assistance is always close at hand. Our goal is to listen, deliver solutions, and enrich lives. 


Learn more about assisted living and skilled nursing care with USA Healthcare!

Woodland Haus Assisted Living, located in Cullman, Alabama, offers planned nursing care based on each of their residents’ individual needs and abilities, with the goal of achieving an optimal quality of life. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment with someone on our team.