5 Big Benefits of Physical Therapy for Senior Adults

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November 17, 2021
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One of the natural parts of the aging process is that we tend to lose flexibility, strength, and balance. It’s crucial to address the loss of these functions to help avoid falls and serious injuries. Senior adults are also often impaired in some way, whether from a chronic condition, illness, injury, or recovery from surgery. In all of these scenarios, physical therapy can play a pivotal role in restoring functionality and independence. 

We have seen improvement in our senior adult residents time and time again as they work with our excellent physical therapists at USA Healthcare facilities who understand the many challenges involved in the rehabilitation process.

With physical therapy, the goal is to restore normal movement and function while attempting to resolve problems such as pain, weakness, loss of motion, or lack of coordination. Read more about the many benefits of physical therapy for seniors.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is defined as “the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercises rather than by drugs or surgery.”

Our physical therapists are trained to evaluate and properly treat individuals on better managing their conditions and preventing future injuries or health issues. We create individualized treatment plans to help residents reach their short-term and long-term goals, which most often involve returning to the level of independence to which they’re accustomed. 

We can also help improve many issues for seniors, such as:

Control the effects of osteoporosis

With this progressive bone disease, people experience a decrease in bone mass and density. This can lead to an increased risk for fractures and is often the cause of many falls. Physical therapy and a regular exercise program help control the effects of this condition.

Alleviate the symptoms of arthritis

Another common condition among seniors, physical therapy can also help improve the symptoms of arthritis by providing appropriate exercise to help preserve the strength and use of the joints. Physical therapy also teaches therapeutic methods to relieve discomfort through both physical techniques and activity modifications.

Reduce the risk for falls

For seniors, falls are the number one cause of accidents leading to bone fractures or head injuries. After the first fall, additional incidents often occur. Physical therapy helps teach seniors to maintain their stability and prevent additional falls through balance techniques.

Decreasing the risk of injury

When seniors lose muscle strength and flexibility, they tend to be more prone to injuries. Physical therapy utilizes extension exercises to help them learn how to maintain stability in relation to gravity, as well as how to keep their posture strong and erect.

Regaining independence 

The more mobile and active seniors are, the better their overall health. Taking part in a physical therapy program keeps seniors physically fit and strong enough to complete daily tasks on their own, plus maintain a healthy weight.

While all of these benefits are important, we also want to note that many of our residents come to love their physical therapy sessions. They enjoy the movement and the exercise, they enjoy the difference in how they feel after their sessions, and they love getting to interact with our nop-notch USA Healthcare physical therapy team and others while they are in the gym.

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