5 Healthy Heart Habits for Senior Adults

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Embracing senior living healthy habits is essential for anyone who enters their golden years. Whether living in a nursing home or any other environment, you should be eager to care for your skin, posture, mental health, and general wellness. However, nothing is more important than keeping your heart in good health.

Someone in the U.S. has a heart attack every 40 seconds, and the risks become even greater as we age. On a brighter note, you may take several steps to promote good heart health in later life. Here are five that can help ensure these are your golden years.


1. Stay Active

It’s not uncommon to allow the pace of life to slow down a little in your senior years. However, even if most of your time is spent in the nursing home, you must stay active. Keeping your body moving will get the blood pumping and keep your heart in better health.

You should consult an expert about any new fitness plans, especially if you have undergone rehabilitation for an injury. Still, everything from brisk walking to gardening or swimming can work wonders. Finding a fitness class for seniors can be a great addition to your social life.


2. Eat Well

If living in a nursing home, the caregivers should implement a healthy diet on your behalf. When living independently, however, giving nutrition some added attention would be necessary. The best foods should be packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber without excessive calories, especially if your lifestyle is sedentary.

You should also limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking for the sake of your heart. Meanwhile, our experts at USA Healthcare are happy to talk to you about supplements, although we would advise speaking to a nutritionist too.


3. Minimize Stress

The correlation between stress and heart disease is shown across all age demographics. Stress can additionally cause anxiety, depression, memory loss, compromised immune systems, and various related issues. While you cannot expect to remove all stress completely, finding ways to minimize it should be on the agenda.

One of the most critical factors is to adopt a healthy sleep pattern. Other lifestyle changes, like finding a relaxing hobby, will also help. Above all else, it’s good to discuss your feelings of stress with a professional.


4. Manage Your Blood Pressure

Reducing blood pressure is another key step when considering senior living healthy habits. Our experts can develop a physical therapy and rehabilitation program targeting blood pressure. However, you should also take an active approach to manage high cholesterol. Otherwise, you may suffer from blocked arteries.

It is essential to understand the signs of diabetes and how to manage the medical condition if you do have it. Medical professionals can help you with medications and lifestyle changes to bring your blood pressure down to a suitable level.


5. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Finally, you must maintain a healthy weight. Obesity puts unnecessary strain on your heart and will increase the risk of heart disease. Thankfully, many of the healthy heart habits mentioned above will naturally support this endeavor.

Overall, heart health is essential to living a balanced, thriving life as a senior adult. At USA Healthcare, we take time to evaluate every resident’s heart health, developing individualized plans for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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