Dignity through technology: USA Healthcare’s introduction of the iN2L tablet

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When it comes to our USA Healthcare residents, we value dignity, independence, relationships, and support. For those of us who have aging loved ones, we know that transitioning to elderly care services can be a difficult choice. Our goal is to help your loved one reach their optimal quality of life while in our care.

At our facilities, we want each of our residents to truly feel empowered to live their best life every single day. USA Healthcare is dedicated to using the best tools, techniques, and technologies to increase the quality of life for our residents. With these values in mind, we’ve recently introduced the iN2L tablet to our residents. We’re excited about this opportunity for our residents to grow and experience life in an engaging environment.


What is iN2L?

In essence, the iN2L tablet is a “digital care package” for our residents. It’s never too late (iN2L) is the premise of the technology, showing that even seniors can still learn how to engage technology in a way that’s beneficial, helpful, and easy. The tablet is similar in size to an iPad or Kindle, making it transportable and lightweight for carrying around.

Our USA Healthcare staff is trained in how to teach our residents to use this technology, although we’re confident that after a few times using the iN2L tablet, our residents will be the experts. 

Like other smart devices, this tablet is full of different apps that offer a variety of entertainment, education, and social opportunities. The iN2L tablet has over 4,000 content applications centered around the idea of wellness. From video chatting with family members and getting to know other residents to music therapy, puzzles, and aerobics, this device truly has an app for everything. 

iN2L content is broken into seven categories:  
  • Person-centered: includes individualized profile pages used to get to know your facility and fellow residents 
  • Social: connects residents to family, doctors, facility staff, and other residents 
  • Cognitive: apps designed to improve memory, attention, language, and more
  • Spiritual: welcoming spiritual and faith-based activities for all 
  • Physical: encourages movement and activity through light exercise and physical therapy 
  • Emotional: provides tools for supporting your mental health and emotional wellbeing

The purpose of this variety of content is to provide each person with an individualized experience that they will enjoy. With applications for everything from spiritual devotionals to interactive games to
tai chi, each resident is sure to find something that suits their interests on their iN2L tablet. The goal is not to force residents to use something that they don’t enjoy. Instead, we hope to give them another opportunity to engage with their passions, hobbies, and families.


Dignity through Technology: Benefits of the iN2L Tablet


The iN2L tablet demonstrates that it’s not too late for seniors to still enjoy what technology can offer them. Many seniors steer clear of technology because of fear. However, once they learn to use the technology, they feel a significant sense of independence and joy. Our goal at USA Healthcare is to help your loved ones feel a greater sense of satisfaction, happiness, and comfort. 

On their website, the iN2L tablet has many success stories that display how increasing engagement on their content apps provides physical and emotional health benefits to residents. Simplifying their interactions online to a single device makes the technology less intimidating and easier to use. The iN2L tablet provides such great benefits to the mind and body. We’re excited to see how this technology improves the quality of life of our residents.

With the ability to reach out to healthcare professionals and video chat with their families, our residents are able to connect with the ones that matter the most. Ultimately, this application-based tablet will open many doors for our residents that they may not have ever considered possible before.


USA Healthcare is here for your loved one’s long-term care needs

Alabama’s USA Healthcare offers planned and state-of-the-art nursing and elderly care. Our care is based on each of their residents’ individual needs and abilities. Our goal is to help our residents achieve their optimal quality of life. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment with someone on our team.