Woodland Village Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Testimonials

  • "My husband has been a resident at this facility for over two years. The first year he was there, I was able to be in the facility with him on a daily basis until the COVID Pandemic hit. When that happened, they did an extraordinary job in being attentive to him and did a remarkable job of keeping me informed of the situation (sometimes several times a day or night). Had he not received that attentiveness, he might be in a much worse condition. I found the staff to be very professional and caring and they all seemed very focused on not only the health and well being of my husband, but all of the residents and families of residents, as well. They took great pride in celebrating holidays and get togethers with the residents and were very eager to decorate for each occasion throughout the facility for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment. Varied activities were offered wherein the residents could interact with one another each day and feel their connection as one big family. I and my family feel very fortunate in trusting the staff and administration of Woodland with my husband’s total care, without question."
  • "Thank you and your staff making Mrs. Johnson's respite stay a great one. Our Home Care aides love visiting your facility."
  • "Our family wants to thank all of you for the special care you gave our dear father and husband while he was at Woodland Village. We know you did your best in trying to help him be as comfortable as possible.

    Your compassion, patience, thoughtfulness, and cheerful dispositions meant so much to us and him. We feel all of you are very dedicated in your work. We pray you will continue to do the same for other families who need help with their loved ones. God Bless You."