Healthy Hobbies for Senior Adults in Elderly Care Services

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As we age, it can be hard to find ways to stay active. Many of us want to develop a new hobby but have no idea where to start. Or, it can feel like there are no exercises that will promote healthy bones and joints. However, there are a variety of options that will keep you safe and active!

At USA Healthcare, our environment promotes an active lifestyle. Learn about the benefits of an active lifestyle and some new hobbies you can try out to improve your quality of life and boost your mental health!

Benefits of Light Exercise & Hobbies for Senior Adults

Senior adults can benefit from light exercise in a variety of ways. No matter the level of intensity of exercise, it is a powerful tool for overall health and promotes rehabilitation.

Some benefits of exercise for senior adults include:

  • Prevents Disease
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Decreases Risks of Falls
  • Promotes Social Engagement
  • Improves Cognitive Function

If you were previously stationary, begin with 5-10 minutes of exercise and gradually increase your time. You may also seek advice from your nursing care staff on the frequency and intensity of your exercise.

Light Exercise Options for Senior Adults

These are our top 5 favorite exercise options to improve senior adult health and wellness! None of these exercises should hurt, so if you experience any discomfort, don’t force yourself to continue. Try out a few of these options to find some you like, and then create a habit of doing exercise frequently for a better quality of life, decrease the risk of some diseases, and improve your mental health.


Dancing is a great way to get active at your own pace while feeling connected with others. Your community may offer dance classes at the facility or at a neighborhood recreation center. If not, take the opportunity to grab a few friends, new or old, and dance in your community. You can utilize yoga mats for extra comfort and tailor music to your tastes.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is perfect for senior adults who want a form of exercise that is low intensity and easy on joints. Chair yoga can help lower blood pressure, encourage joint health, and increase overall strength. There are a multitude of videos online that demonstrate different chair yoga poses to follow. If you want to go technology-free, do some simple stretches while seated in a chair for relaxing exercise.

Board Games

Not all beneficial exercise has to be physical. Board games are great for keeping your mind active. When playing games, you can stimulate blood flow and build community with other players. Many senior adults benefit from the challenge of the mind and improved critical thinking, so consider choosing a few games you like, and make playing them a habit. From crossword puzzles to Yahtzee, the options are endless with this hobby.

Practice a Musical Instrument

If you already know how to play a musical instrument, continue exercising those musical muscles. If you don’t know how to play, learning to play an instrument can help keep your brain active as well as strengthen different muscles of the body. Some popular musical instruments for senior adults include the harmonica, piano, bongos, recorder, and many more. The discipline that comes along with practicing a musical instrument may boost mental health and promote a sense of independence, making this a great option for all senior adults.

Knitting or Crochet

Develop friendships and grow your cognitive skills with knitting or crocheting. You can make gifts to donate to those in need, or make items to keep you warm during the winter. Knitting or crocheting is an outstanding group activity, so reach out to those in your community when starting this hobby. If you suffer from arthritis or tendonitis, knitting or crocheting is proven to ease symptoms.

Improve Quality of Life with USA Healthcare

It’s important for senior adults to develop healthy hobbies that promote an active lifestyle. These healthy hobbies can improve quality of life, prevent diseases, and boost mental health, among other benefits. At USA Healthcare, many of our facilities host group exercise classes to promote friendships and an active lifestyle. Invest in your health and happiness by practicing some of these healthy hobbies.

Independent, Affordable Living with USA Healthcare

With several facilities across the state of Alabama, senior adults can find quality, safe planned nursing care. Our staff is equipped to support you and your family through all steps of planned senior living and is ready to answer any questions or concerns. Call us at 256-739-1239 to learn more about how our communities foster healthy hobbies!