Six Fun Holiday Activities for Senior Adults

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The holiday season brings many opportunities for fun activities for senior adults. However, seniors also can wrestle with loneliness and sadness during this time. 

For families with senior adults, it’s important to keep your loved ones involved and included. At the end of the day what the senior adults in your life care about is spending quality time with you!


Making Holiday Memories: Fun Activities for Senior Adults


For ideas of fun ways to get your family in the holiday spirit, try these six activities to help the holiday season be merry and bright for the senior adults in your family. Please keep in mind the CDC recommendations when it comes to COVID-19 – any of these ideas can be virtual!


1. Create and Put Up Festive Decorations

Decorating for the holidays is a perfect way to liven up any space with color, lights, and greenery. Setting up a Christmas tree, designing your own wreath, making special stockings, or building a gingerbread house together will not only help decorate a space but will allow you to create memories that senior adults can cherish.


2. Host a Holiday Movie Night


There’s something about the holidays that just puts you in a movie-watching mood! Whether it’s a cheesy Hallmark movie, a classic like It’s a Wonderful Life, or a kids movie that your children love, a movie night is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones! Light some winter candles, make some snacks, and enjoy this festive activity for senior adults and your whole family alike.


3. Make an Old Family Recipe

The holidays always center around food! Look through your family cookbooks and pick a classic recipe that the senior adult in your life will love. Baking cookies or a dessert that you can share with others also will help your loved ones feel like they are part of the giving spirit of the holidays.


4. Sing Carols


If your senior adult isn’t up to going caroling, bring the carolers to them! Whether virtually, in person, or just with your family, take time to sing some classic holiday songs. Remember: it’s not about how talented you are, but that you’re taking the time to do it together. 


5. Visit a Holiday Lights Display


Many towns set up Christmas and holiday displays that you can walk through or drive by in your car. Additionally, you can drive through your local neighborhoods to see houses with lights, inflatables, and other decorations.


6. Share Traditions


For this simple activity for senior adults, spend time asking them about what their holiday season was like when they were growing up. By sharing their experiences with their family, senior adults can feel like they are becoming part of your traditions. Additionally, making a scrapbook is a great way to commemorate the holiday activities your family participated in. 


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