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There are many reasons why senior adults might come to stay with us at one of our USA Healthcare facilities for a short-term or long-term period of time. Regardless of the reason, different types of therapy are typically very beneficial depending on the exact circumstances.

Our trained staff of therapists offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy seven days a week for all of our residents while they are with us. Read on to learn more about these options.

Therapy Options at USA Healthcare

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is aimed at addressing the treatment, healing, and prevention of injuries and disabilities. The approach involves exercise, stretching, and other types of safe movement instead of surgery or prescription medicines.

The goal of physical therapy is to restore normal movement and function while attempting to resolve problems such as pain, weakness, loss of motion, or lack of coordination. We want to help people be more active and independent. 

Many circumstances might warrant a visit with a physical therapist, such as an injury or a fall. Injuries and falls are quite common among senior citizens. Chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke are also common reasons for physical therapy.

Here are just some of the benefits that may be seen with regular physical therapy:

  • Control the effects of osteoporosis
  • Alleviate symptoms of arthritis
  • Reduce the risk of falls or other injuries
  • Regain independence 
  • Opportunity to safely move and exercise
  • Opportunities for socialization with therapists, aids, and other residents

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with individuals who have physical, developmental, emotional, or social deficits that affect their ability to participate in daily activities. The therapist helps the resident “relearn” daily living skills such as the ability to get dressed, walk, or perform other routine functions.

Our occupational therapy program maximizes the resident’s ability to participate in the self-care, work related, leisure, and social activities of daily living.

Some of the benefits of occupational therapy include: 

  • Overcoming the challenges of daily life – One of the most notable benefits is the independence and confidence gained from occupational therapy. During occupational therapy, the focus is on what the resident can do and how to maximize their abilities to live a comfortable life. Therapists help residents either overcome physical limitations or find safe alternatives to performing everyday tasks.
  • Preventing falls – Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans, with one in four Americans 65 and older having a fall each year. But there are ways to prevent falling. Occupational therapists analyze the risk factors of falling and teach their patients methods to prevent falls.
  • Modifying environment – Therapists provide methods and tools to help seniors perform tasks in their home environment. Adding mobility modifications such as handrails, a bathtub bench, wheelchair ramps, and slip-resistant flooring to a seniors’ living space can enhance their ability to do everyday tasks independently.
  • Improved overall health and wellness – Occupational therapy doesn’t just help residents with their physical health but also their mental health. Occupational therapists have methods for helping with memory loss, vision problems, cognition, and anxiety. 

Speech Therapy

Many residents who have suffered from strokes, brain injury, Alzheimer’s, or other neurological disorders may lose some or all of their ability to speak and may have difficulty understanding spoken and written material. 

Speech therapy is a rehabilitation process to address problems with speaking and swallowing as a result of the conditions mentioned above or the natural aging process. As we grow older, our vocal cords often become less elastic, and our larynx muscles may weaken. These problems can make it difficult to talk and swallow. 

With evaluation, planning, and treatment programs, speech-language therapists work at improving a resident’s communication skills. Therapy can stimulate and improve the resident’s speaking, reading, writing, comprehension, and cognitive ability. Our speech therapy program restores or improves the resident’s communication abilities, speech/language deficits, hearing impairments, and/or swallowing abilities.

Improvement in these areas is vital for the overall health of seniors, as they must be able to communicate properly with doctors, nurses, and loved ones. We want them to be able to tell us about any pain, discomfort, or other issues they may be experiencing.

Learn More About Therapy Options at USA Healthcare

As your parents and loved ones age, it can be difficult to know exactly what their needs are. With the options of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, they will be in good hands at all of our USA Healthcare facilities with our expert therapists. Our goal is for each of our residents to be healthy, independent, and to feel valuable. 

USA Healthcare: Your Family is Our Family

At USA Healthcare, we look forward to getting to know you and your family and helping you get the answers you need when it comes to the best care options for your loved ones.

Contact us at USA Healthcare to discuss our long-term and short-term care facilities and options. We’re here for you!