Top 5 Benefits of Speech Therapy for Senior Adults

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A speech therapist in blue scrubs presses her hand gently on an elderly patient's throat to guide speech therapy.

Many of us think of speech therapy as a tool for younger children who struggle with a lisp, or cannot fully pronounce certain consonants. However, the ability to communicate well is important at any age, and the benefits of speech therapy for senior adults are widespread.

If you want to find out some of the many amazing benefits of speech therapy, our experts at USA Healthcare have outlined the top 5 benefits of speech therapy, so you can decide whether speech therapy is right for you, or someone you love.

Restoring Communication

If you have experienced brain damage from an accident or stroke, speech therapy can help. Through rehabilitation, parts of the brain that may have been damaged can learn how to process information again. Speech therapy through a rehabilitation center can support the brain’s attempts at creating new pathways, leading to enhanced communication skills.

Strengthening Muscles

Many senior adults encounter dysarthria at some point in their life. Dysarthria is a medical term that is used to describe the general coordination of the muscles that relate to the production of speech. Often, the speed and the pitch of your speech may be compromised. Doctors may suggest a variety of treatments, like medication or surgery, but speech therapy can also be very effective. A therapist will suggest strategies and exercises to increase muscle tone and voice control to improve the patient’s quality of life and overall communication skills.

Improved Swallowing

Any trouble with swallowing can be improved with speech therapy. If you or a loved one struggles with swallowing, a speech therapist can perform a swallowing evaluation. From there, the therapist can make food modifications and suggest exercises to strengthen the underlying muscles that promote smooth swallowing. By strengthening the muscles of the throat, choking and discomfort can be avoided.

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Speech therapy can be beneficial for those who are suffering from dementia. The practice may help preserve brain function associated with everyday communication. It may also help address the cognitive aspects of communication, such as attention, memory, and problem-solving.

Weight Maintenance

Because structural changes in musculature may not be evident from the outside, seniors may have trouble swallowing without realizing it. This issue can result in extreme weight loss and poor nutrition if the food they are eating isn’t reaching their stomach. Speech therapists may suggest strategies for pacing and posture as a first-line intervention.

Improve Quality of Life with Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can eliminate the need for invasive, surgical procedures as well as improve one’s quality of life. If you or someone you love struggles with any condition that inhibits their communication skills or swallowing speech therapy can make a huge difference in one’s ability to comfortably express themself. At USA Healthcare, our facilities offer speech therapy services every day for all our residents.

Learn More About Speech Therapy at USA Healthcare

At USA Healthcare, our facilities offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy for all our residents. We want to assist our residents in all aspects of rehabilitation. If you want to find out more about speech therapy, or how it could help a loved one, call our qualified team of experts at 1-800-207-9520 or contact us online.